big eyed girls.

As a victim of cute-dom (and therefore, an avid aficionado of all things remotely cute), I love big-eyed girl drawings and paintings.

So imagine my delight when I received an email from Fred Flare announcing a “Big-Eyed Girl Parade” consisting of 15 simultaneously cute and scary prints.

…and then imagine my severe disappointment when I discovered that they were already sold out! GRRRRRR. If anybody has any ideas for other places to procure these fine works of art, please drop me a line.

I am off the the ladies’ room for some hardcore sobbing…


2 thoughts on “big eyed girls.

  1. mariko says:

    Aw that’s too bad you didn’t get one! These went FAST!! Keep your eye out cause we got more exciting sales coming your way!! xxoo Mariko from

  2. Breezie says:

    Hey – I collect these, I have authentic vintage ones… I can send you photos or I can just post them on my blog. I can’t believe you’re the only person in the world who loves these like I do! I also collect the big Head girl dolls. ( cant’ find them anymore… ) thanks for the uber cute post!

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