love love love.

Reasons to love Lily Allen:

1. She owns 300 dresses (this makes me feel less guilty about owning around 100).

2. She actually looks healthy and fun, not skinny and miserable (unlike Amy Winehouse, who I also adore…but I am pretty sure that she is not someone I would want as a friend, unless I am in the mood for a weepy/angry drinking spree). I feel like she would be fun for dance parties and general teen movie/shopping spree at Sally Beauty Supply/slumber party times.

3. I really love her collection for New Look. It appeals to me a lot more than the Kate Moss stuff for Topshop (which seems like a random assortment of clothes designed for super-skinny girls). Furthermore, the collection has a cohesive feminine, party girl feel. The dress at the left practically makes me salivate. The shoes are great, too.

The dress above would be perfect for going out dancing, attending my mother’s upcoming 6th (!) wedding, or just generally being overdressed and amazing for routine dull tasks (grocery shopping, laundry, whatever….).

This raises to questions:
1. How can I buy these two items? I have scoured the internet for possible ways to order from New Look, with no success. Any ideas? (Other than possibly being scammed on Ebay)

2. Are bouffants coming back? Time to invest in rattail combs and Aquanet!


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