I read this cute post on Style Bytes yesterday about couples wearing coordinating outfits:

(the author of Style Bytes with her boyfriend)

So now I am wondering, “Is it important to that couples have the same essential fashion esthetic?”

My boyfriend and I are both fairly concerned with our clothes. One look into our overstuffed double closet will prove that. I think that we definitely appreciate one another’s overall look. Nonetheless, I don’t really think that we dress similarly (maybe our friends would disagree).
I don’t see this is a deal-breaking issue. It’s obviously a lot more important that we both operate under a similar set of ethics and ideals.

I did once have a boyfriend who really did dress like the male version of me. We inadvertently bought matching sneakers several times. We actually owned a lot of the same pants. My shirts was just smaller, girl-cut versions of his. We broke up every few weeks (generally this would happen on Tuesday, only to be followed by a drunken reunion on Friday). He made me cry more than any other boy on record. And there is nothing worse than hearing acquaintances say, “Awww…you two broke up? But you look so good together!”

So maybe matching outfits aren’t important as much as they are just fun…though the boy/girl outfit below may be a crime against all things good and decent:


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