the sassiest girl in central pa.

I spent this Saturday lying in the sand and reading “How Sassy Changed My Life: a love letter to the greatest teen magazine of all time.” So, so true.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, so far out in the country that even cable television was not an option. Of course the mall was pretty far away. School was filled with snotty girls wearing sky-high bangs (even in the 90s!) and Esprit shirts. So imagine my shock and awe when I stumbled across a copy of Sassy at Bookland (a store that specialized in a few books, lots of porno mags, and lottery tickets). It opened my eyes to cool bands, books, and movies. It made me realize that being a weirdo outcast (which I certainly was) only guaranteed success in the future (so true).

If you are looking for a march down memory lane (or you just want to know how/why the magazine suddenly morphed into new, evil Sassy in 1995), read this book.

Hmmm…that was starting to sound like a book report.

I feel as if the air must be filled with Sassy nostalgia, because there is also an interview with Jane Pratt in the most recent issue of Lula. I am trying to forgive Ms. Pratt for that lamefest known as Jane… I haven’t decided if the interview mended the fence. Anyway, the article is alone worth seeing for the art by Nicky Peacock, which includes her rendering of the cover below:

Probably my favorite cover ever, for so many obvious reasons.

Reading this book made me decided that I wanted to re-acquire all of my old issues of Sassy, via Ebay. Bad idea. Run a search on Ebay, and you will discover that they are really, expensive ($15-25 per issue…and some of the extra-special issues are going for hundreds of dollars).

It is a difficult purchase to make, when I am already fantasizing about buying ridiculous platform wedges, like this pair from Korkease:


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