tap tap tap.

I am presently incredibly enamored with all things sequin-y. It all began with those amazing sequin hot pants from Chanel (trust me…many hours have been spent roaming the internet, searching for an affordable alternative).
So imagine my delight when my friend Beth emailed me the photo to the left…
“Yes! I have finally found my fashion muse,” I thought.
You see, at first I thought I was just going through a particularly gaudy phase. But then I thought about the pair of shoes I have been wanting for quite a while:

Tap shoes from Capezio! I really like the silhouette of the t-strap and the slightly curved heel. And I am sure they are incredibly comfortable.

And so it dawned on me: I (at least subconsciously) want to dress like I am back at my fourth grade tap dance recital.
So far the following items have been obtained to put together this look:
***a seafoam green sequin tube top (thanks to Baxter)
***silver and fuschia sequin wristbands (from the little girl section at H + M)
***a metallic purple headband
***a multi-colored sequin beret from UO
Of course, none of this matches…but I decided that maybe injecting bits of tap dance into my regular wardrobe was a more practical approach. That said, I am still looking for some sequin hot pants! I am also trying to find a dance supply store here in Philly, because I really want to try on those Capezio t-straps before I buy them.
P.S. Check out the tap dancing story in Lula.

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