clothing optional.

from a 5/21 post on my Myspace blog…

i am flying to the motherland (pdx, oregon) in 60 hours (i swear i’m not counting)! has revealed that the highest temperature of the week in portland will be 77 degrees. i am wondering if this will prevent a trip to the “clothing optional” beach at sauvie island. those 10-day forecasts are never very reliable, so i’m still going to pack my super-awesome, brand-new tiger face bathing suit (purchased from free people).

i’m sure that you’ve already guessed that my friends and i wear clothing (sometimes even layers of garments) in “nudity is encouraged” situations. one of the best days EVER involved a trip to sauvie island with reyna, baxter, and james for an afternoon of berry picking and wine drinking on the beach. reyna and i wore bathing suits (one piece, of course), james wore pants and a shirt, and (best of all) baxter wore a huge green velour robe. meanwhile, a lot of sunburned old men were completely naked (and playing bocce ball–i think).

we stayed on the beach until well past sunset, drinking an impressive amount of wine and eating snacks from trader joe’s. james drove us back to the city, while baxter and i sat in the dark backseat attempting to “secretly” make out.

afterwards, i borrowed clothes from baxter because everything in my bag was filled with sand. we spent the evening playing cards at the clinton street pub. fabulous prizes were won, including a barely-used tube of dr. pepper-flavored lip smacker.

this was just a few months before i moved to philly, part of the collection of bittersweet hours and minutes leading up to my exit. during this time, i felt as if reyna, james, baxter and i were part of a super-mega fun team. it just seemed like there were so many reasons to be happy.

i think a large part of the excitement surrounding the period stemmed from two things:

one, baxter and james had just moved to portland. this allowed reyna and i to introduce them to everything fun in our city (okay, not everything…because that list is endless). even better, their enthusiasm for anything we did (from skeeball to bike rides to beach trips to bars to parties) was contagious. i was constantly reminded of why i loved (and will always love) portland, oregon.

and two, i was so in love with baxter that i thought i might just explode from too much joy. i imagine an explosion of this nature would be filled with confetti, glitter, and little felt hearts.

sure, my vacation will probably not be filled with romance (although marlyn has a “psychic” feeling to the contrary), but it will still be brimming with friends, the best coffee, organic produce, and (most likely) a lot of alcohol consumption. and reyna always makes me laugh until i’m almost peeing myself. furthermore, she owns the most comfortable couch ever (previously housed at the annex). i’m planning a lot of bbq action and dancing. i want to take the max (that’s the light rail train for non-portlanders) to the top of forest park and walk all the way down, through northwest, past my first apartment near lincoln high, through downtown, and then across the hawthorne bridge. reyna has school, so i am also planning on a lot of reading/writing time…most likely at the fresh pot or tiny’s. hopefully we will FINALLY take the aerial tram!

a gratuitous shot of the city, viewed from forest park.

dr. zhivago is a romantic movie…i promise


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