I heart gimmicks!

clearly obsessed with this train.

Yesterday Reyna and I had lunch/dinner at Sushi Takahashi (on Burnside and Broadway, near the abandoned Burger King downtown). This is my new favorite restaurant for the following reasons:

A. The food options are transported around the restaurant by a toy train. Genius! The train had difficulty rounding corners, so it was up to us to give it a little boost every time it passed us.

B. The aforementioned train (see A) allows one the opportunity to write notes for the amusement of other customers/oneself on the other side of the restaurant. These messages are written on torn up pieces of chopstick packaging and then placed atop one of the dishes on the train.
For example, we began a knock knock joke.
“Knock knock.”
Another patron added a piece of paper that said “Who’s there?”
“Orange.” (that’s us).
“Orange who?”
“Orange you glad I put this joke on the train
?” We were pretty proud of this.

Then the messaging became intense. The fellow next to us–definitely a weirdo…his first contribution was a poor hammer and sickle sketch–wrote a note that said, “What’s your problem, A-1?” All of the seats are numbered for the benefit of the chefs working in the center. As far as we could tell, the young lady seated at A-1 did not know this guy. Reyna responded with, “Who’s got beef with A-1?” No response, but someone did remove the note. This prompted us to invent new drama, for the amusement (we hoped) of the other patrons:
“I’m on to you, C-7.”
“C-3: you will pay $$$!”
And so on…

C. The sushi was really delicious…and our total bill was $16.50! Bargain!

After dinner, we went to Stumptown (downtown …perhaps my favorite because they accept cards, unlike the other cash-only locations). Either/or was playing. I haven’t heard this album in a long time, and I have certainly never heard it played in public in Portland. (for non-music geeks: Elliott Smith is from Portland).

We went home, ate some vegan carrot cake, and took Sadie for a walk. I was tired/cranky/hungover, so I went to bed at 11. I woke up feeling much better today!

One last thing: we spotted this car(t) on the sidewalk near Jam. Clearly the result of some sort of drunken misadventure. The logo on the front indicates that it is a Porsche. Fancy!

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