In the sky.

Yesterday Rachel and I had breakfast at Genie’s. It’s our “special” spot. I have come to realize that I almost always eat the same thing when I enjoy the first meal of the day in a restaurant: some sort of mixture of tofu, black beans, and salsa.

Next, we did something I have been wanting to do for a long time (okay, okay…like, maybe for the past year)….we rode the aerial tram!!! It runs from the south waterfront (nothing there but doctor’s offices right now) to OHSU, high on the top of the hill. Construction on thi
s began right after I moved to Portland. It was a very controversial project, mainly because it was an incredibly expensive project that would only benefit a specific group of people (individuals employed by OHSU and patients at the hospital). The project was held by a variety of obstacles, from financial issues to political scuffles to the protests of the homeowners below the line.
So finally, it was finished last fall. Reyna and I have been planning to take a trip sinc

e then, but it is always pushed to the wayside in favor of other exciting adventures. This time I was determined to do it!
The ride is surprisingly short and smooth, but completely breathtaking. I know that Portland is a city filled with trees (it’s not just hippies and indie rockers), but I never realized the full scope of tree saturation until I saw the city from above. Trees might just outnumber people.
A passenger offered to take a photo of us high in the sky. I think we both look a little weird…I’ll blame the altitude.
We walked around OHSU for a while…I never realized the enormous size of the hospital/campus. Breathtaking views of the city below can be obtained from every window. Reyna has told me that the gift shops are pretty impressive, but we did not check them out. Instead, a new plan was hatched wherein Rachel and I will become sassy, no-nonsense nurses at OHSU. Of course I will wear Hello Kitty scrubs (unless I am allowed to somehow bring back the stylish, flattering uniforms of the sixties.
Afterwards, we went to the Lloyd Center (the largest mall in Oregon and also the site of my first date with Baxter) where we bought nothing.
Despite it being only 1 pm, we decided we needed an alcohol beverage, so we went to the Doug Fir (mod lodge decor, attached to a hipster hotel). We enjoyed iced cowboy coffee, a mixture of iced coffee (obvious, I guess), Frangelico, Kahlua, and Tuaca. We were intensely drunk for at least 30 minutes. During this time, we declared that we would drink this beverage every day FROM NOW ON! Alana met up with us and filled us in a lot of local gossip. We reminisced about ye olde days (one favorite story: the night a bouncer let us into the Blondie show for free–a major feat because tickets were in the $40-50 range–just because we were cute/stylish).
Next we went to Hawthorne, where I bought a new pair of Sven clogs…a lovely sienna for those of you wondering.
I walked home in the sun, worked on some stuff for a few hours, and then went out for drinks. Another great vacation day!

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