Grey skies.

I have to be honest about my vacation: the sun has only peeked out from the clouds a few times. Saturday was wildly beautiful and bright. Jackets not required! For a few hours on Tuesday, there was also some sun. But otherwise, it has been grey, misty, and chilly. Too cold for clogs and sundresses! Instead, I have been putting together some odd outfits composed of layers of camis, thin t-shirts, dresses, leggings, and scarves. I have been drinking a lot of coffee and tea. I have lamented not packing fingerless gloves. The thing about Portland weather/seasons: as soon as June hits, it will be blue skies/sunny/warm-but-not-too-hot for the next three months. I am not complaining about this. My skin looks better than ever (this climate complements my irish genetics)!

The weather has not been preventing me from having all sorts of fun. Yesterday, Rachel and I took the Max (the electric street train, also referred to as “The Silent Killer”) up to Forest Park. We hiked a few miles through the very muddy trails. It really could not have been more tranquil and beautiful! Everything was shrouded in an ethereal mist. Even though it was definitely raining, the trees kept us dry. The only sounds to be heard were bird calls. It was hard to believe that we were still technically in the city!

Afterwards, we walked downtown, pausing only for delicious Thai food near Urban Outfitters (my workplace for 5 years…we did not stop in for a visit). We passed my first apartment in Portland in a cool building near PGE Park. It appears as if my ex-boyfriend Mark finally moved out. For years,

I have been able to walk by and see the curtains I sewed 5 years ago still hanging in the windows. He definitely continued to care for the herb garden that I started on the balcony. Now all of it gone, replaced by a hideous canvas folding chair. I’m hoping this means that he got married and bought a house somewhere on the east side.

Downtown Portland is changing in so many ways! Buildings torn down (including the Virginia Cafe–a cool old person bar behind Nordstrom…always providing delicious greyhounds) and new modern structures all over the place!

Reyna and I went out for drinks in her neighborhood (the lovely–but frequently misunderstood–area south of Powell). We had the best bloody marys on Gladstone! We discussed “self-conscious” versus “self-aware.” It seems as if they should be synonyms, but they are not. We talked about the negative ways in which insecurity can manifest itself, including drug abuse, promiscuity, and general douche-baggery. Lesser (but still nefarious) expressions of insecurity can include keeping others at arm’s length, trying to hard to be “cool,” and alienating one’s friends.

Later we were joined by Zach, Heather, and Mary. We spent a lot of time talking about girl things–like birth control pills–much to Zach’s chagrin.

Reyna and I stayed up late talking about homelessness, psychedelic drugs, magnetic poles, and “reality.”


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