Photo fest!

For you viewing/reading pleasure…a bit of a “photo essay” detailing our experience at Last Thursday (as opposed to First Thursday, which is downtown), an arts event held on NE Albert every month in scenic Portland Oregon. (I apologize for the crazy layout…I am still trying to figure out the blogger editor).

Best described by Alana as a “Keep Portland Weird” event!

Rowdy fellows disguised as astronauts distribute stickers relating to space travel. Zach attempted to engage them in serious “space” talk, to no avail.
Alana, Mary, Reyna and I all agreed that this accordian player was pretty dreamy (A poor man’s Adrian Brody, perhaps?). Zach may have been embarrassed.
Sidewalk haircuts are available!
Also, manicures and mysterious (yet highly elaborate) vegan treats. Well, it is Portland, after all.
I am smiling violently because I just bought the most amazing tap dance costume for a mere $6! Alana one of the few people who can understand/relate to my excitement.
Next: We bought a drawing for 25 cents from this girl, Greta. There was an awful of lot of child labor happening on Alberta that night.
I bought a beaver patch for Zach.
We met Spinnaface. His face is a spinna! He has a spinna for a face! And he is releasing a hip hop album. (from left to right, Reyna, Spinnaface (duh), me, Mary (Reyna’s sister).
Below: I exit a surprisingly cinnamon-scented portable bathroom.
Alana, me, and Reyna bring the hype!
This young fellow, Simon, was selling jokes for 25 cents (guaranteed “hella funny” according to his sign). The joke we bought from him:
What did the elephant say to the naked man?
How do you breath through that thing?
Racy! He admitted that he learned it from his mother’s friend…obviously a controversial sort of individual.

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