On my mind today:

The appearance of the first real challenge to my veganism: an offer of tuna noodle casserole at JT’s house in C-wood. I hope her boyfriend knows that he is the luckiest!

Big meeting tomorrow at work. There will be arguments…and a free lunch from Corner Bakery.

How to kill the weeds (some are 2-3 feet tall!) growing in the pavement in my yard, without using evil poisonous weed killer. Seriously…last night I spent an hour “weeding” my completely stone/pavement yard.

Boys. To call or not to call, that is the question. My mom says I should call.

Wearing flowers in my hair. Possibly a replacement for feathers?
Find this and more at vinny and vernelle.

Good hot weather clothes (it will be 92 degrees in Philly next weekend…fortunately I’m going to be at the beach with la familia).

Dashikis are getting awfully expensive on Ebay!


And last, but not least: read this article if you don’t believe the importance of supporting/electing a pro-choice presidential candidate. Hangers aren’t just a symbol!


One thought on “On my mind today:

  1. jesus todd says:

    ill pick you up a bottle of the green weed killer that i use. you can get it at whole foods. i think it’s made of vinegar or something. vinegar is sortof magical, isn’t it. next time we’ll make vegan tuna noodle casserole. ❤

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