summer love.

When you get to be an old-timer like me, it’s easy to forget about the magic of summer. I don’t get to take three months off from conjuring hats and scarves. I’m not lucky enough to work for a company with highly coveted “summer hours.”
Well, it’s July now…and there are still many long sunny days remaining.
My declaration: let’s get serious about summer fun!

Of course, I’ll look for any excuse to consume a tropical-themed drink. “Oh, summer starts in five months. Better buy a bottle of coconut rum in anticipation (and drink it right now).” Nonetheless, a fine “Malibu Bay Breeze” (the official beverage of the Todd-Brill household) is especially delicious while reclining on lawn furniture.

(Vegan) barbecues! My parents bought me a grill, and I still haven’t assembled it. Rats!

Camping. Sure it’s sweaty and showers/indoor bathrooms are difficult to find, but sleeping under the stars has a particular philosophical appeal. For further information, consult The Dharma Bums.

Long hours spent on the beach, preferably reading about astrology and people watching with your bestest friends…my idea of a perfect day. “Browning lotion” is optional.

Picnics. Everything tastes better when eaten in the park.

Swimming is one of my favorite activities! The water is extra-super-refreshing if one is trespassing. Out of respect for the law, I am thinking that Janelle and I will have to buy a kiddie pool for our sweet West Philly mansion (coming soon).


General scantily-clad bad behavior with one’s lady friends.

Let’s hear it for summer fun!
P.S. I am actually spending the ENTIRE weekend in Philly (so rare). There is a “heat advisory” in effect, so extra-special summer fun (and lots of beer) will be required.


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