ye olde wissahickon.

Despite the excruciating heat/humidity in ye olde Philadelphia this weekend, Janelle I ventured–not so far–to Wissahickon Valley Park for the first in a series of amusing photo shoots. We lugged all of our props and costume changes in suitcases down the Forbidden Road to the creek. Innocent passersby were perplexed by our luggage. Janelle brought her accordion, which weighs 20 pounds. Afterwards, her hands were red and sore from lugging it…but it was well worth it, as you can see from our photos (that accordion is SO photogenic)…

Dragging everything down to the creek (including a superfluous umbrella).

This is my favorite shot of Janelle. I love the look of concentration she gets when she is playing. Oh yes, I should add that she really was playing in all of the pictures. Originally, we were lamenting our lack of a portable record player, as we wanted some olde timey music for inspiration. Janelle’s fine accordion playing skills (improving with each day) created a nice atmosphere. A couple walking by above was confused by the music, because they couldn’t see us.

There was a surprising amount of litter around the creek, including a Doritos bag, a 12 pack of Pepsi (including all 12 cans and the box), two mismatched shoes, and a pair of socks. All photos had to be framed in order to exclude the trash.

A butterfly joined us.

I’m not really sure what “look” I was trying to recreate here, but I must admit that I am always searching for opportunities to wear my head dress. Jonathan noted that my bow is not loaded. We nixed bringing the suction cup arrows, because they are not particularly aesthetically pleasing.

My legs look particularly fetching here.

These boots require eons to lace up, but I changed my mind…deciding to save them for a future cabaret-themed shoot. I should also add that we changed clothes out in the open, by the creek.

Here I told Janelle to imagine that she was a woman who decided to leave her husband and run away to Hollywood to be a movie star. On the way, the car broke down and she was lamenting her decision.

Janelle and her highly authentic water bottle.

The umbrella DID come in handy! Once again, my outfit doesn’t really have a theme…I guess I’m just some sort of wanderer, freshly escaped from the sanitarium.

Further consideration has indicated that we require a gun for our next photo session. Anyone offering?

Also needed for our next ye olde photo outing: a tripod (the kind that can wrap around trees), fully charged battery packs (oops), and an individual with a yearning to take ye olde photos of Janelle and me.

See more photos here


One thought on “ye olde wissahickon.

  1. janelle says:

    not only were the suction cup arrows not aesthetically pleasing, but they were definately not authentic in any way!

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