7/31: a red letter day.

Why was yesterday the best day ever?
For one, we were lucky enough to get free tickets to see Bowerbirds. I had given up all hope, after several days of frenzied Craigslist and Ebay scouring. So imagine my delight when Janelle messaged me around 3 pm with the good news!
The show itself was pretty amazing. The super sweatiness of the basement at the church just added a surreal feeling to it all. No joke…there is something about that band (and the lead vocals) that just brings tears to my eyes. I don’t associate any of their songs with a particular time, place, or person. It’s just the magic of the music.

But! Even more exciting! Janelle found a huge (HUGE) box of musty dance costumes near her house. It seemed as if they had once belonged to a family of five girls, all of whom took dance lessons from preschool through high school graduation. We harvested the most exciting pieces (lots of sequins, animal prints, feathers, and fringe). Just earlier that day, we were fantasizing about putting together a dress up trunk for our living room in our future West Philly mansion. Sometimes the hand of fate is the best friend ever…

My favorite item is shown below. Get ready…you will be seeing it a future photo shoot. And at the next Making Time (or at Petco when I’m stocking up on cat litter).

Tonight the yet-unnamed unstoppable creative team of Janelle and Amanda is working on a new photo project. It’s a bit ambitious, but I’m sure we can pull it off (sadly, no fake blood this time).


One thought on “7/31: a red letter day.

  1. janelle says:

    i hate you.

    i originally labeled my post – “red letter day, 7.31.08” but then i erased “red letter day” and kept it 7.31.08

    what the hail doood?

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