Janelle has been mysteriously super, extra busy this week. I guess I was, too…but we didn’t even find time for Boggle. This is an alarming situation!
When I walked into work this morning, the mystery of Janelle’s busy-ness was instantly solved. Behold…my desk!

Never mind the normal visual chaos of my workspace…instead, check out those amazing handmade flowers!

And even though I was already rendered teary-eyed and sentimental by the flowers, there was more…a really beautiful mixtape (containing some of my favorite songs ever) with liner notes made from an old atlas (I love maps). Also–a business card from Harry’s Occult Shop (they have a fine selection of candles, or so I hear) and (this is the best part!) a vintage hotel keychain from Hotel Multnomah in…Portland, Oregon!!!

Oh, one important detail…My birthday is this weekend…hence the splendor. One of my co-workers didn’t realize this and she assumed that Janelle and I were coming out as a couple (and she thought it was rather romantic). The lesbian rumors may have been fueled by our frequent exclamations of “we’re soul mates!” And that time I drove Janelle to work one morning…in her own car…that probably helped the cause, too.

More later, alligators…


One thought on “!!!

  1. just jes says:

    that is the freakin’ best!!!

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