happy day.

Today I’m heading to the Jersey shore (wholesome Ocean City, NJ) with some of my lady friends (Marlyn, Alex, Soozie, and Jesus Todd) for some birthday fun.  I plan on reading my new astrology book, possibly getting some color on my legs (ye olde school Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil has been purchased), drinking some liquor, playing skeeball, and maybe riding the ferris wheel.  I have thus far been unsuccessful in my attempts to talk everyone into Ye Old Time Photos (obviously my favorite thing about the Jersey shore), thanks to a rumor regarding scabies/ye olde time costumes.

I ate pie for dinner last night…and then again for breakfast.  Janelle made the most amazing vegan pie in honor of my birthday.   I am hereby nominating her for the “Bestest BFF in the Galaxy” award.  The prize is a trip to the Ruby Buffet on Delaware Avenue.
Right now, August 9, sitting on my stoop awaiting a car full of rowdy girls, I can’t help but think about how happy I am.  Let’s tally up my reasons:
1.  I have a pretty great job that is going very well.  And I have the opportunity to work with a lot of interesting and talented individuals.
2.  Some of the most amazing people in the world are my good friends, both here in Philly and Portland…and a few places in between.
3.  My creativity is jumping into overdrive, thanks in part to life experience, exposure to a lot of stimulating work, and (don’t laugh) the psychological benefits of obsessive yoga-ing.
4.  Lest I forget…damn, my ass looks REALLY good…thanks to Bikram yoga (and my own determination to practice as much as possible).
5.  I can see my family whenever I want.  Close proximity to my mom makes me sane.
6.  My love child, Dylan Ruby, is smart, funny, and incredibly charming.
…and hundreds of other reasons.
The saddest parts of the past are fading into the distance (even if one chapter is probably drowning in a bottle of cheap vodka in West Philly).  I can’t help but think that so much more happiness lies in the future.
And!  There is so much to be excited about!  A trip to Portland in a few weeks…various photography projects with Janelle…a visit from one of my favorite individuals (in the world) in late September…seeing Liz Phair with JT at the end of August…the list goes on…
Happy birthday to me!

3 thoughts on “happy day.

  1. janelle says:

    i pretty much am in love you.

  2. rachel says:

    i am so happy that you are happy! have so much fun in jersey!! xoxo

  3. just jes says:

    sorry i missed it. but think of it as an extension of your birthday. BIKE RIDES and talk of a mayo ambush Thursday! happy birthday lady.

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