all girls birthday beach bash.

As I mentioned previously, my lady friends and I spent the weekend in Ocean City, NJ…in a deluxe hotel on the beach. Alas, JT was stranded in North Jersey, so she was unable to join us (but we are having a bike adventure on Thursday…with Smiley fries).
Marlyn brought a huge assortment of cheesy gossip/fashion magazines…perfect beach/poolside reading. A highly scientific (or not) sex survey in one of the “fashion” titles revealed that I am sexually adventurous. I can’t deny this diagnosis, but at the same time, this conclusion was reached via questions regarding my favorite snack foods and outfit choices.

The view from a lawn chair by the pool at our hotel. Definitely the best day ever for a beach trip.

In the pool with Soozie and Marlyn…the pool was in the shadow of the log flume ride in the mini-amusement park pier next door. Alex’s first serving of ice cream for the evening. Technically it was custard, but isn’t it just semantics? An hour later she followed up with a dish of Dippin’ Dots (the ice cream of the future).

The night was beautiful.

Soozie on the carousel. Kind of the best $1 we have ever spent.

I swear I don’t remember my shorts being this…well, short.

Marlyn looks really wholesome. I am fairly certain this is the first time I have seen Alex with a cigarette.
Why did we buy a party pack of weird test tube shots named “Tooters?” I can only blame the combination of Young MC and Sir-Mix-A-Lot that was playing in the car as we drove up to the liquor store. Note: I still have many of these in my refrigerator. Anyone interested?

Soozie in my favorite store ever, “Dreamcatchers.” I bought a pretty awesome pair of moccasin boots. And Marlyn bought me a great straw Minnetonka hat.

This was definitely my best birthday yet!


One thought on “all girls birthday beach bash.

  1. just jes says:

    i really love the synchronize swimming pic. And while I wish I had a “stranded” excuse for missing it…I was really listening to music and drinking grape soda. I’m so there next year. So there.

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