Last night, Jesus Todd of Nazareth loaned me a copy of Linda Goodman’s Love Signs. As you may of guessed, this book details love/compatibility in terms of the astrological signs. Then I stayed up way too late (especially considering that I had to come in early for a meeting this a.m.) reading about the un-date-ablity of Leos. Essentially, I am only truly compatible with Aries (hmm…I tend to disagree with this, because the male Aries I know best only wants to fight with me), Sagittarius (I can confirm this), and Pisces (as long as I don’t mind playing “mommy”). All hope is not lost however, as my own moons/ascendants can make me more compatible with other signs. But basically, Leos are a hard pill to swallow for most.

JT told me to do some research into Linda Goodman’s life. She mentioned something about a missing daughter, a possibly faked death, and a weird “cult” of worshippers. I was intrigued!

Wikipedia was a boring place to start. Any scandal was glossed over. There was hint of a missing daughter (allegedly an accidental death/suicide) and a tiny mention of the possibility that Linda is secretly alive in New Zealand.


But I persevered…eventually finding a website maintained by Linda’s devotees. The word/non-word “knowflake” is thrown about quite a bit. Further digging uncovered two interesting nuggets. For one, Linda believed that Abraham Lincoln was her great-grandfather…the result of a sordid affair that produced two twin daughters. She was planning to write a book about this. I also discovered the long (and somewhat confusing) story of her daughter Sally’s disappearance. Imagine a combination of conspiracy theories, ineptitude on the part of law enforcement, and Agent Orange. It’s always easy to sell me on the idea of government cover up.

Anyway…I plan on reading her other astrology books…not because she is an interesting character, but because her writing style is great…and her insight into human nature and love is really astute…regardless of the validity of the planets’ impact on one’s personality (though, of course, I think astrology is REAL).


One thought on “knowflakes.

  1. just jes says:

    One more thing. I am Linda Goodman. Also, I know how butter is made, but I am keeping this information from you. Love, Linda

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