cheap chic.

Originally published in 1972, Cheap Chic was the first book to encourage individual, “unconventional” style. The updated version, published in 1975, contains interviews with a very young Donna Karan and a girlish Betsey Johnson…as well as hand-drawn illustrations by Yves St. Laurent! The original is rare and super expensive ($100 and up)…The update is also difficult to find, but I lucked out (mine was only $25 thanks to some unicorn stamps inside the front cover.

In the introduction, Carol Troy (one of the authors) writes, “This book had some basic truths in it. Some truths about finding out who you are and being faithful to that person. Finding out what you like and feel good wearing, and hanging on to it. To me, this is the real way to dress for success. To feel it from the inside. Because what is style all about but wearing your insides on your outsides?”

Most of the book details ways to build a stylish wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Tips for inexpensive office dressing are included. Each chapter consists of different fashion concepts broken down into subsets, like Western, Ivy League, India, etc.

The photographs are amazing.

A southern belle with an Asian paper umbrella.

Attention everybody: the picture above best conveys my planned “look” for fall/winter 2008. Imagine longer hair and no bangs. Everything else remains the same.

Great outfit + cat!

This is practically the UO World Headquarters summer uniform.

Belt bag!

I own this outfit…I just haven’t had the gumption to wear it yet.

Her coat is pretty awesome…but check out his pants! Where can I find them?


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