southern night.

Monday night was “Southern Cookin’ Night” at the Kohl home (I’ve been here so long, I can’t stop referring to it as “our house.”

Reyna and I spent the majority of the day grocery shopping (trips to Trader Joe’s, Limbo, and New Seasons).
The menu consisted of the following (all vegan): mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, BBQ tofu, cornbread, ambrosia, fried green tomatoes and zucchini, collard greens, and cherry pie. We asked everyone to donate $5 (to help cover some of the food expenses)…we billed it as “all you can eat….within reason.”
And then suddenly, the evening morphed into “80s/90s Video Dance Night.” The living room was filled with shrieks and hot dance moves to the likes of Dee-Lite, Young MC, Crystal Waters, and Technotronic.


One thought on “southern night.

  1. just jes says:

    Noted: people in Portland have sweet moves.

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