yesterday was thursday.

Yesterday was the first full day of MFNW. We saw No Age, Battles, Bodies of Water, Starfucker (my friend Ryan’s awesome band), and Deerhunter.

If someone had dropped a bomb on Holocene last night, the entire hipster population of Portland would have been destroyed.  The air would have been filled with bits of plaid shirts and messenger bags.  The vintage stores would be owner-less.  The coffee shops would be empty.  Surely Jackpot Records would go out of business.   Ironic facial hair would disappear from the radar.

I almost fainted during Deerhunter.  I blamed the heat/lack of oxygen, but it may have also been my lack of food consumption.  Without everyone around me to remind me to eat, I have a tendency to neglect this important need.  We ate pasta with nutritional yeast before crawling into bed.  It was the most amazing food ever. 
A girl spilled a large amount of PBR on me, which gave me an unsavory pee-ish smell for the rest of the evening.  A yucky guy stepped on my foot and then grabbed my ass in apology.   A boy cornered me as I exited the bathroom to ask me “So, do you go to a lot of shows?”  I ran into a few fellows I have dated in the past.
I ate an inordinate amount of watermelon samples at Limbo this morning.

One thought on “yesterday was thursday.

  1. rachel says:

    greetings from the multnomah county library!

    send me another quick text; it’ll be fun.

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