portland friend round up (or at least, some of my favorite portland friends).

This is Zach (in the lobby at the Ace Hotel). He is thirty now, which means he has to do mature things like read newspapers and make grouchy faces. And wear grunge-era outfits! He and I have been friends for 9 years. It all began back in Chicago, Illinois when he answered an ad my roommate Nate and I placed in the Reader seeking a third roommate. We didn’t choose him (because Nate was adverse to another male roommate), but I did ask him if he wanted to hang out with us. And now we are both old!

Tim is sad because I insulted his wave capabilities. Mary and I take the wave very seriously! Tim moved to Portland from Tennessee (I think), so he has a southern accent. He is Zach’s new roommate.

Reyna looks particularly fetching in this photo, taken on the balcony at the Wonder Ballroom.

Rachel is moving to Seoul, South Korea in a few weeks. She and her boyfriend “Dantastic” are going to be teaching English. Now we can be international penpals! I’m already planning all of the cool packages I am going to send Rachel…
I am hoping to visit Rachel and Danny next spring. I lost my passport a few years ago and I am dreading the paperwork and fees required to obtain a new one. On the upside, I remember that my passport photo was particularly heinous.

The point of this photo was to showcase Reyna’s amazing glittery/holographic high-waisted pants. Mysteriously, we all appear to have red hair.

Mary’s dog Sadie is a real go-getter. She knows approximately 6 tricks. Her favorite activities include meeting new people, rummaging through the trash can, and spooning. She also enjoys posing for photos and wearing sweaters.

I ran into my friend Ross at the Holocene. I told him that Mike Payne (show above) was my brother. He did not question this, even though Mike is 6’5″ tall and looks decidedly dissimilar to me. Mike is now changing his name to “Mike McCarty.”


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