I am still obsessed with face paint–and not the kind that one can obtain at the Philadelphia Zoo–even if the only people in my life sharing my enthusiasm are Janelle and Dylan.

I am even more excited about it, because Janelle discovered that really nice facepainting supplies can be found at Pearl (almost worth a trip to South Street).

Who wants to engage in some casual facepainting/romping in the grass?

P. S. I am getting sick, infected by my lovely assistant Alex. My head, throat, and ears are killing me. I have odd aches and pains. I couldn’t even pull together a good outfit this morning. Suddenly my ability to perform arithmetic is impaired.
I’m going to try to take it easy, because I want to be healthy for next weekend (so many exciting plans!). So, I’m skipping yoga but still going to center city to (possibly) purchase a Diana camera. And then I’m going to hopefully drink a moderate amount of beer with Janelle….and then (hopefully) go to bed at a reasonable hour.


One thought on “greasepaint.

  1. janelle says:

    um hello… a trip to harry’s makes a trip to south street completely neccessary.

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