Yesterday I went to NYC to meet with vendors and look for new hat styles.

Early in the day (in the parking garage at 30th Street Station here in Philly), I hit my head really, really hard. This further proves my suspicion that my head is too large for my body. Instantly, an ENORMOUS bruise/alien began to develop on my forehead. I’m pretty sure I chipped a tooth in the back of my mouth. I probably should have cancelled the trip and gone home to bed, but I am far too stubborn for that. I spent the entire 90 minute train ride with an ice pack on my forehead. At one point, Alex (my obviously super awesome assistant/good friend) held the ice to my forehead so I could eat some fruit for breakfast. Copious amounts of Advil were consumed. In the middle of the day, a vendor gave me an ice pack to use during our meeting.

Today I look a lot better (but I sent an email to Tomm last night warning him that I look like a hideous monster)…apparently my body has superhuman healing powers, because the discoloration is gone. But my head, jaw, and neck are KILLING me. Argh. I have a lot of alcohol stashed in my house (because I’m such an excellent hostess), and I’m thinking it will come in handy on this rainy Friday night. And yes, Tomm arrives in Philly tonight.

So…I’m barely literate today. And I’m saving most of my energy for the evening.

But…I had to share these amazing photos by superstar photographer Stephen Meisel from the new Italian Vogue. He was asked to do something “crazy” and he definitely delivered.

See more photos here.


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