"you’re number 37, have a look."

Janelle, Tomm, and I drove to Brooklyn on Saturday. I’m not going to lie–I was feeling pretty wretched (thanks to a combination of Sparks, whiskey, and beer the night before). Also, apparently the cats are really, really excited to have a guest with dual citizenship, so Moe and Simon bugged us all night. No sleep! Still, it was really great to take a long drive with my good friends. And I was just pretty happy overall.

Hmmmm. I’m actually having difficulty remembering exactly what we did on Saturday. Walked around Williamsburg, ate awesome Thai food, went to see Marie’s band play at the Trash Bar, had drinks at a really cute bar in Greenpoint. I slept like a champion on Marie’s impressively hard bed.

While Janelle had band practice on Sunday, Tomm and I had brunch with Marie and Lem at the Greenpoint Coffeehouse (the best coffee ever). Then Tomm and I set off for Manhattan. It was exciting to be with someone who had never been to NYC before. It’s a place I (perhaps) foolishly take for granted, so it was fun to see it all through fresh eyes. We went to Fat Beats (world famous hip hop record store)! We snaked through the Village, walked down through Soho (where I bought paper at Muji), had bubble tea in Chinatown, and then hiked through the Lower East Side for vegan pastries. We spent a lot of time talking about the style/fashion of everyone we passed on the street. There were long discussions detailing the unmatchable coolness of Portland. We were both impressed by futuristic buildings and cool graffiti. Some photos were taken (coming soon). Overall, I can’t imagine a better companion for that day.

We met Janelle in Williamsburg, where she bought us the best vegan pizza. The rainy drive back to Philly turned into some weird group therapy session. It was better than it sounds. Astrology may have been used to explain/justify our various personality attributes.

What else? I’ve just been having a really amazing time hanging out with Tomm…thrift shopping (major vest scores), walking around Center City, making delicious sandwiches, sleeping the bare minimum amount, seeing 1.75 movies in Jersey last night, inventing new ways to prevent Moe from keeping us awake at night (an assortment of suitcases have been utilized). Going to work today seemed strange, but the fun isn’t over yet.

P. S. I’m really obsessed with the Velvet Underground this week.

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