Last night I dreamed I was waiting for the El in Wicker Park, when a woman I did not recognize walked up to me. She nodded in greeting as she pulled a large roll of paper from her bag. She obviously had a flair for drama, as she unrolled it at an agonizingly slow rate. I was feeling (not surprisingly) irritated, as I was in a rush to get somewhere unknown.

It was a map, which I realized was detailing my path through life. Places and events I have already experienced were evident on the left side of the paper. But a majority of it was covered with symbols and letters that I could not understand. I squinted my eyes, trying to transform it all into something comprehensible. I felt convinced that they were rebus puzzles (a representation of a word or phrase by pictures, symbols, etc., that suggest that word or phrase or its syllables…an idea planted in my head by the bottle cap in Tomm’s pocket).

Just as I thought I was a millisecond away from figuring it all out…a breath away from knowing everything in my future…the train thundered into the station. A flood of passengers rushed out of the doors, separating me from the map-wielding woman.

As suddenly as it arrived, the train departed. I was alone on the platform, late for my day and completely clueless about where I was going.

Yesterday Janelle and I found the greatest apartment in West Philly…two floors, a huge basement, and a private yard with nearly infinite potential…cross your fingers…


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