I finally tracked down the new issue of Lula…at the Borders at the King of Prussia Mall. I don’t understand it, but that store stocks a wide variety of awesome magazines. And on an unrelated point, they also have a pretty keen selection of manga. When I went to the cash wrap to pay for my long sought Lula and the most recent volume of Nana (awesome teenage girl manga), the cashier asked me if I wanted a gift receipt for the “comic book.” Um. No. I’m really that geeky.

Anyway…in this new issue of Lula there are hundreds of amazing photos…one of them involves a girl wearing some truly great cozy striped knee socks. So, pretty much, I need a pair ASAP. Grey and black. High quality. Long, so I can cuff them (most knee socks are kinda short on me, as I have surprisingly long legs).

I am wondering if this could be the start of another stripe phase for me. My first stripe-y time occurred in high school, when I wore all varieties of 70s boys’ striped t-shirts, influenced by my undying devotion to Kurt Cobain. The Salvation Army in York, PA was an excellent resource for cast of stripes. By my second year of college, I was over it. My first or second year in Portland, I got back into stripes, in a more mod/nautical/Velvet Underground kind of way. I have a feeling these shirts might be hiding in my basement. My basement is a tour through my obsessions of the past few years. Oh, remember that time when I was really into dressing like a stewardess? Check. High top sneakers? Oh, yes. Prairie dresses? Okay, maybe I’m still kinda there, but most of them have moved to the back of my closet.

So, just in case stripes replace my current obsession with plaid and equestrian boots…some stripey photos…

These are not the aforementioned socks, but they are a nice spring/summer adaptation.

Yes…Kurt Cobain stripes!

Nope…not these socks either, but I definitely had no less than 20 pairs of these in high school and college.

New fresh stripes.
Okay…only the mask in this photo is striped (look closely)…but this picture is my favorite thanks to the mask/awesome hip hop in the background combo.

P.S. Janelle and I have the apartment in West Philly! Words cannot describe how excited we are about this!


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