halloween is my favorite holiday.

Costumes + candy + fall weather + parties = the best day ever.
I can even forgive the lame girls wearing “Sexy Rainbow Brite” and “Sexy Milkmaid” costumes. I mean, if it makes them feel fun and they don’t mind some frostbite downstairs, then more power to them.
Janelle and I are spending Halloween weekend in Virginia. We are sort of working on coordinating costumes, but we’ve been pretty slow at pulling it together.
If I had the time/money, I would have no less than five costumes.

This is one motivated couple…imagine chasing down all that green clothing! And the accessories/masks are obviously hand made. I’m not sure if they planned to coordinate with the orange chair, but it worked out well in the end. I hope these two got married and had no less than three kids.

So this is my backup costume idea…essentially, I will dress as this kid that is dressed as a skeleton. I’m pretty good at looking pissy, so this shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. I even want the flowered trick or treat bag (clearly mom’s beach bag).

I just really love olde time outer space gear.

Are these boys dressed as bats? Because bats are REALLY cute in real life, and I’m glad that someone else can appreciate this.

I still love the original Nintendo system and games.

I like the idea of a really ridiculous, virtually unwearable mask coupled with clothes from Banana Republic. Somehow that’s just extra funny and awesome…

I’m not saying that I like to see animals in costume…but well, just look at this picture. I’m sure you have never seen anything better. If you don’t have an army of collies at your house, perhaps you and your friends could do this? I’m really into the idea of team costumes…like “Fundamentalist Polygamy” and “Happy Meal.”

…or murderous monsters. This is probably only super cute and mega awesome if you and your friends are under 12.


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