There’s been some uproar about this poster on Salon regarding the sexual content of this poster (ie, is it just using women as sex objects in an attempt to promote the Democratic cause?). I tend to disagree, since the real point if this poster is pretty obvious: Sarah Palin is not a feminist. She doesn’t care about equal pay, abortion rights, and universal access to quality women’s health care.

This was inspired by the iconic anti-draft poster photographed by Larry Gates in the 60s, featuring Joan Baez and her sisters.

P.S. I refuse to sleep with any fellows that vote for McCain.


One thought on “propaganda.

  1. brooke says:

    I love this post. I wanted to comment yesterday after I found your blog via Amelia Brilliant. I was drawn to your posts because they’re great AND because you’re from Oregon. After a trip to Portland last summer I’ve dreamt of my husband and I selling off all of our things and moving there. The beer brewing capital of America is where we belong.

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