in the days of yore…

Back in the day, I lived in Portland, Oregon.
Sometimes I thought the city was too small, because I was constantly encountering individuals I would have preferred to avoid. Coincidentally, I also met a lot of people I love…
Yesterday I was moving stuff to my external hard drive, and I found some random photos from 2006 hanging out on my computer…

This is my friend Ryan, playing with his band Junkface, in the basement of my house in North Portland. I didn’t live there for a particularly lengthy time, but I did have enough time to see some good (and bad) bands play on Saturday nights in my basement, sprain my ankle in a freak trampoline accident, and ultimately have most of my belongings (and a bit of my sanity) destroyed in a really crazy, made-for-tv-movie situation.

This is my friend Rina, in our friend Ross’s yard, playing with a magical glowing orb. Some awesome things about this lady: 1. she is the best teacher ever, 2. she nursed the aforementioned ankle sprain with a bag of frozen strawberries and her boyfriend’s drugs, 3. she and I like to sing Liz Phair and Bikini Kill songs while we bike around together, 4. we once drove her small car about 70 blocks–including a trip across the Burnside Bridge–while holding the doors closed because we tried to stuff our bikes inside (they did not fit well). In fact, I’m pretty sure Rina was steering the car with her right hand while holding the door with her left hand.

I took this photo in NE Portland. The person next to me is mostly evil and definitely 100 percent angry, but I still really like this shot.

Zach and Rina at Dot’s. Zach is trying to demonstrate the theory “L7=square.” If I recall, Zach got really wasted, tried to drink a miniature box of wine that he smuggled into the bar, and then said something like, “I’m a rebel by nature.” Brian E. and I are still chuckling about that.

Reyna with some plastic spaghetti. Doesn’t everyone keep faux food on their mantle?

This is Liz at the Tube. In the last six months I was in Portland, my friends and I created a new tradition: “perfect close” at work (agh…don’t ask) and then copious drinking at the Tube (followed by lots of dancing). I always scheduled the same group of friends to work every Sunday nights…making an otherwise agonizing shift a lot more fun.

Reyna, Rina, and Rachel in my basement in North Philadelphia.

One of my favorite photos ever…Rachel, Em C, and apple-flavored gum.


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