A small thing that totally made my day: when I pulled up to my parents’ house yesterday, there was a familiar pickup truck (there are a lot of those in my family) parked out front…with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker. At first I was like, “I guess Jerad (my little brother) has a different truck now?”

But when I went inside…I found out that it was my Grandpa’s truck! We ended up talking about politics for a long time. He’s been trying to convince all of his senior citizen friends to vote for Obama. This is how he summed it up: “I know a lot of people are afraid of change, but McCain and the Republicans just have policies that are really bad for us.” Not bad…although he still doesn’t think that women should drive cars.

Dylan also revealed that she is voting for Obama in the school mock election. Although she expressed concern that her vote “might not come true” since she said it aloud. I like the idea of equating one’s vote with a wish.


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