almost halloween…

Janelle and I are doing that matching costumes couple thing. But not in the biblical sense, perverto.

Originally we were going to be creepy twins (maybe a stretch, but we do kind of look like sisters).

A really long visit to the Thrift Fair resulted in a new costume direction…and now I’m somehow dressing as the same character as last year…since I gave away the dress and I can’t find the oh-so-important red cape (hidden somewhere in moving boxes), I have to reinterpret/revisit the entire concept. Don’t worry…a replacement cape has been found.
Copious Flickr research has indicated that a red-and-white dress is not truly required.
P.S. We are celebrating Halloween south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

One thought on “almost halloween…

  1. janelle says:

    we’re gonna look great! and maybe we can find a girl for you to make out with down south!

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