the superfriends talk about abortion.

Janelle forwarded a truly disturbing email to me this morning…something one of her friends received from his mom…filled with lots of “Christian” justification for NOT voting for Obama.

Janelle [10:33 AM]:

that is some kind of email that
my mom would probably send me. scare tactics about

Amanda [10:33 AM]:


Amanda [10:33 AM]:

i get so frustrated by that kind of stuff

Janelle [10:34 AM]:

i know.

Amanda [10:34 AM]:

because generally it is completely untrue

Janelle [10:34 AM]:


Amanda [10:34 AM]:

and people who get so called “partial birth abortions” are
getting them for serious health reasons

and it’s really traumatic and awful
Janelle [10:34 AM]:
because you know
there are those stupid dummies out there who’s vote could be affected by that

Amanda [10:34 AM]:
Janelle [10:34 AM]:


like obama’s
gonna be going around ripping unborn babies from
women’s wombs.

gimme a break

Amanda [10:35 AM]:

i know


you know, i have a hard time understanding
that line of thinking

Janelle [10:35 AM]:


Amanda [10:35 AM]:

just because like, i probably would NOT get
an abortion

think everyone should have the chance to make that decision on their own

you know?

Janelle [10:35 AM]:



Amanda [10:35 AM]:

like, i don’t eat meat, but i wouldn’t take away that option from the rest of the world

Janelle [10:36 AM]:


Amanda [10:36 AM]:

it always makes me so angry

Janelle [10:36 AM]:

oh yes. makes
me boil

Amanda [10:36 AM]:

and i have to admit, even though i hope i never will have to get
an abortion, i would NEVER vote for a pro-life

just because i don’t like others pushing
their ethics/beliefs on others

Janelle [10:37 AM]:

i know.

Amanda [10:37 AM]:

andi get super
pissed when pro-life people are men

like…dude…you have no idea how scary being pregnant is

Janelle [10:37 AM]:

most often

Amanda [10:37 AM]:

and how it can destroy your life

and furthermore, being a mom is a permanent job

you can’t walk away from it like a lot of men do

Janelle [10:38 AM]:

for real!

well anyways

Amanda [10:39 AM]:

did you vote this morning?

Janelle [10:39 AM]:


Amanda [10:39 AM]:

don’t tell me who you voted for

because i don’t want to have to break our


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