janelle is the best.

We decided about a month ago that we wanted to include some of our bloodbath photos in a show at the Compound. Of course, we knew that we were moving into our new house at the same time, but somehow, we thought we could make it all happen. We’re overly ambitious to a fault. (In fact, Janelle’s mom was giving her grief about this tendency last weekend while we were in the car, about to pull out of the driveway. And I tried not to laugh out of respect for my elders, but my parents have chastised me for this same issue many times in the past.)

We probably COULD have pulled it off without any stress, but then things went terribly awry. We waited until the last minute to order the necessary 8 x 10 prints. Then they arrived without white borders last Friday…and it was most likely too late to order corrected versions. So then we sort of avoided the project. We discussed pulling out of the show. But yesterday we had an attack of conscience. It would be uncool/unprofessional if we didn’t follow through.
So…we bought some stupid frames at Ikea (hence the aforementioned Ikea dinner). We decided to integrate tape, to somehow simulate borders or something.

I was completely unhelpful today, stressing my day through stupid meetings (and the preparation of necessary notes/presentations). Janelle pulled it all together, using manila folders and masking tape. And then when I acted like a demanding baby, she scanned them all for me.
Janelle=best superfriend ever!
Maybe when we are roommates, we will hang out.


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