rainy, rainy thursday.

Today my horoscope said, “It’s going to be a little bit difficult for you to explain your ideas or yourself today. Thoughts are a little bit scattered, and certain intimidating people could leave you a little bit tongue-tied.”

Coincidentally I’m super tired, highly stressed, and virtually incoherent today. I’ve been trying to hide at my desk, buried under work and headphones…but this has been difficult with a calendar filled with meetings…especially meetings where I am the big focus speaker.

Last night, I bought lovely paint for my room (the color, grey with a hint of violet, is called “twilight sky”).

Then I had dinner at Ikea (one vegan menu option) with Janelle, wherein we discussed the endless virtues of a life spent alone. Could that last sentence reek more of spinsterism? Two grannies eating cheap dinner at the cafeteria of a Swedish purveyor of home goods while justifying their spinsterhood? Only the inclusion of a few cats (check) and some pilly cardigans (double check) could make it more ridiculous. BTW–It was Janelle’s idea to eat at Ikea. At least we were there to buy some frames. It’s not like we left work to drive there for lunch (unlike some of our friends).

I unloaded a car full of clothes–it turns out I own a lot of clothing–at my house in the rain. My wet moccasins turned my feet orange. I painted one enormous wall in my room. Then I raced home to take out the trash and pack a little bit more.

Moving sucks. I am sooooo tired. But! Our new house is so great. The block is super cute. We will be spending less money. And we actually live in a neighborhood filled with hang out spots, safe-ish biking, and cute boys (I saw two last night….probably like, 20…but the eye candy is still better than that offered in Port Richmond).

Every time I walk in the door, I think, “I LOVE this place SO much! I can’t believe we get to live here!”


2 thoughts on “rainy, rainy thursday.

  1. Ghastly says:


  2. brooke says:

    every time my husband and i go to ikea together we eat. though we usually go late on a weeknight and the pickings are slim. if he isn’t with me, i almost always go for the frozen yogurt. eat the yogurt- throw out the cone.

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