for all of you amateur dream analysts…

Last night I dreamed that I was on some kind of date with this guy. I didn’t really think he was that cute or interesting, but when he said that he was vegan….suddenly he became really attractive. I was nervous, expecting that I would say something stupid at any moment. (And I was also worrying that he might be straight edge, which always makes me feel inexplicably uncomfortable).

Suddenly he gave me a look of horror. “What are you doing?!” I looked down…and realized that I had been absent-mindedly eating pizza–with cheese.

What does this mean?

I should add that I really don’t care about anyone’s eating habits…unless they jam chewed ham into my mouth during a really intense session of frenching. And furthermore, most vegan fellows are about 22 years old OR coincidentally straight edge (which as I’ve mentioned, makes me feel weird…ironic considering my history of unhappy relationships with drug addicts and alcoholics).

And before Janelle picks up her phone to dial my desk extension and say “You are too tense! You have to relax!” I would like to add that this dream was no match for the one I had a few weeks ago wherein I found out that I was adopted and five years older than my real age…all in the midst of nuclear fallout and an adjustment to post-apocalyptic life. So I must be less anxious this week…right?


One thought on “for all of you amateur dream analysts…

  1. siobhan says:

    that dream is just a dream that vegans have.

    i've been vegan for like…8 years? and i have similar dreams every now and then…like i'll dream that i'm sitting at a diner with two of my best friends, drinking coffee, and all of the sudden they freak out and yell, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?' and in the dream i look down and realize that i'm pouring half & half in my coffee.

    i think that when you're vegan and you pay such close attention to things you eat all the time it might get to you a little. you know – checking ingredients all the time, constantly turning down food because it's not vegan, having to explain to people why you're turning down said food…i don't think being vegan is a difficult choice, but i think it requires a little viligance. it gets to everyone sometimes. i've talked to plenty of other vegans about the non-vegan food dream. it's normal.

    i mean, it might be about something else not food-related, but it's at least interesting that people who are vegan have anxiety dreams related to making food-mistakes – and other people's responses to those mistakes.

    p.s. sorry to just jump in and comment on your blog when i've only met you like once. i just like you writing a lot. and i totally relate to this.

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