a new superfriend.

Our friend Mike, with me in the background looking thoughtful (and especially monkey-faced).
Next weekend is Janelle’s birthday. Plans are vague…maybe we will paint the living room…or have ethiopian food…or go to a miniature museum. I’m trying to convince our friend Mike to come up from Virginia. He allegedly has a show with his second band, allegedly named “Pizza.”

I just met Mike for the first time on Halloween weekend, but I have been hearing about him for months. I already knew that he is a crazy Gemini (true) with a large superball collection (double true). He lives in Northern Virginia with his bandmates (Pygmy Lush), who keep chickens (for eggs/pets, no actual Sunday chicken dinners) and bees (honey). He goes to Starbucks every day (this was confirmed during my visit, when we went to Starbuck’s several times).

For some reason, I just assumed that I wouldn’t like him. I don’t know why…maybe because Janelle hangs out with some really stupid boys (Ha! I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying that). But actually…we really hit off! Like, now we are new best friends! This COULD be explained by astrology…I’m a Leo-Gemini, and he is a Gemini-Leo. Or –because I don’t want you to think I’m some flakey hippie–perhaps we coincidentally have the same sense of humor (and we both like teasing Janelle).

Mike was a fine host. He offered us rosemary soap and shampoo. He drove us around the amazing countryside, filled with bright autumn colors. He took us to an amazing scenic overlook, where we took many photos. And he didn’t mind hanging out in the Dinosaurland gift shop for at least an hour. Most importantly, he didn’t give us a hard time about accidentally wearing matching outfits on Saturday. I’m still cringing over that, even if everyone else seemed to think it was cute.!

Matching outfits–not just for Girl Scouts and Metallica.

The three of us were like a set of rowdy siblings. There was a lot of teasing…picking up on one another’s Achilles heel, and then just exploiting it to comedic effect (but not in a mean way…no terrible insecurities were revealed and no physical flaws were ridiculed).

Like, Janelle was showing me this picture of Mike on his band’s Myspace page. He had horrible (!) greasy long hair. I said something like, “Whoa…that’s the kind of hairstyle that says ‘I live in my parents’ basement…but it’s cool because I have a separate entrance. So, you know, it’s like I have my own place.'” Janelle was laughing so hard, I thought she might faint, while Mike looked horrified…because…apparently he did live in his parent’s basement for a solid chunk of his twenties. Oops. Anyway…this meant that I had to bring it up in conversation as much as possible.

Or we were sitting in the dining room Saturday night. For some reason, I was wearing my sleeping clothes (some sort of conceptual slumber party). Mike asked me what the graphic on my shirt was. A bed bug or something? I responded, “I don’t really know. It’s not my shirt.”
And Janelle started laughing and yelling, “It’s Tomm’s shirt! It’s Tomm’s shirt!” I turned bright red.
Then Mike said, “You LOVE Tomm!”
I stood up. “I do NOT,” I sputtered. And then I kicked the table and stormed out of the room…only to walk back in a minute later to sit down and stuff my mouth full of candy.
So of course, I had to be teased about that for the remainder of the weekend.
(Side note: the t-shirt was thrown in the suitcase because I packed in a frenzy Friday morning before work. And yes, I did wear it to bed most nights that week and the next, but I swear most of my other sleeping clothes were packed in boxes for moving. I swear!)

As for Janelle, we decided we found great delight in making her jealous. Theatrical “meaningful” eye contact across the dinner table. Unnecessary text messages. Pretending to make plans without her. All followed up with, “Don’t be such a jealous Scorpio, Janelle.”

With Mike, on the porch at the farm. I like that Janelle is wearing shorts while I’m sporting an unnecessary fur hat. Something about a weekend in Northern VA makes all fashion fly out the window.

As a result, Mike is hereby proclaimed a (long distance) Superfriend….and hopefully he will visit soon. We are so super-excited about our new ranch in West Philly. We can’t wait to have visitors


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