in the enchanted forest.

Some photos of my bedroom in our new house…it’s still a work in progress (I’m not crazy for my ratty bedding)…

I bought this enormous (seriously, it looks smaller in the photo) shelving unit at a yard sale for $5. It’s made of all sorts of scrap industrial wood, so some of the dividers have huge letters/words on them. 


This is my workspace. My desk is a small Ikea kitchen table, a definite step up from the tiny sewing table I was using at my old place. I can’t decide if I haven’t put up curtains yet because I’m too lazy or because I secretly enjoy the idea that someone might be watching me. For now, I’m going to claim that I just really like natural light. 


My desk organizer is an old fruit-flavored beverage box (according to the logo on the side). I bought it at an antique store in Kutztown


The view from my bed. 

I know the lighting in these photos is weird…I’m still trying to figure out the best settings/lighting for room photography.



One last picture:
This is a huge “gallery wall” of all of our pictures–some original art, some thrift store finds–in our upstairs hallway. It’s impossible to photograph the full scope of it. Many nails and several coats of satin finish Ultra White were required to pull this together.


2 thoughts on “in the enchanted forest.

  1. brooke says:

    are those closet doors across from the bed? with drawers underneath? if so, i’m in love with them.

  2. the heiress. says:

    yes…and the middle closet actually has really deep shelves and drawers inside…this is perfect because i have no less than 100 t-shirts that i never wear.

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