the craziest lift he had ever seen.

I have to say: I’m kind of depresso this week. It’s rare that I will admit something like this. This whole cracked rib situation (hereafter known as “McRib”), coupled with raging hormones, and just general work stress is wearing on me. And then it’s just constant bad news on NPR and all of the internet news I use to torture myself. Where is the silver lining? Usually yoga cures everything that ails me, but it’s not really an option with the McRib (but I’m going to give it a try tomorrow).

I’m forced to pursue other outlets: listening to mixtapes (helpful), drinking champagne after work (while I’m washing dishes), smoking cigarettes…I’m open to any other suggestions you might have.
Anyway…while perusing British Vogue today, I found this awesome spread inspired by Roald Dahl (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, James & the Giant Peach), photographed by Tim Walker. The fantastical nature of it is a welcome relief from the calls for austerity and economy found in every other media outlet right now.


3 thoughts on “the craziest lift he had ever seen.

  1. BDS says:

    hope your mcrib and your mcmood get better. just stay away from mcnuggets and you should improve.

    these photos are quite happy. i’ll have you know that your bloody photoshoot gave me a grand idea.

    my husband loves horror movies, zombie movies, japanese gore and all that yucky stuff. he thinks i look sexy when my mascara runs. i think for our 1 year anniversary i am going to do a photo shoot while dressed as the above mentioned yucky girls

  2. just jes says:

    God, I love Tim Walker. I’ve stopped listening to NPR live to catch up on This American Life. I recommend turning it off for a while at least until January. This decision changed my life and lifted me out of grouch potato status.

  3. janelle says:

    I can help you with the NPR-freeze.

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