Yo, check it: Today work is so stressful that I think my hair might just fall out. It’s kind of killing my inspiration…but tomorrow is another day.

I can’t write a thing.

So instead, I’ll just show you this:


Ian Svenonius (the Make Up, Nation of Ulysses, Weird War) was the Sassy “Sassiest Boy in America ” in 1991. Maybe this just blows my mind because I love irony too much. Or maybe it’s because my friend Rina was moved to almost take off her shirt during a Weird War show in Portland a few years ago…simply because Ian had worked her into such a frenzy (and she wasn’t alone…because every girl–including me–was screaming like we were see NKOTB or something).

Other things that have briefly entertained me today (stress relief, okay?): learning about the history of crystal meth, ordering some sweet new dance shoes, and discovering that the world might end in 2012 (don’t worry, apparently Girl Talk is playing an awesome show that night).

I promise I’ll write something good for tomorrow….

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One thought on “stresso.

  1. Ichael says:

    I’m sending you and Janelle a present. I hope it cheers and inspires!

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