tropical iceland.

Sorry, sorry, sorry to everyone…I know I’ve been slacking with ye olde blog posting lately. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I’ve been caught up in holiday preparations, a crazy workload at my actual paying job (usually December is annoyingly mellow), and too much stuff to do at the ranch! 

Tonight we are giving the ranch a solid scrubbing, in preparation for Janelle’s family (they are spending Xmas at our place). I still have to wrap gifts, cram in time for yoga, AND get ready for my vacation…I’m flying out on Saturday. Ten blissful days in a rainy city.

It’s the coldest day (so far) this winter. I’m listening to the Beach Boys (from the late 60s, when they were involved in a creative Cold War with the Beatles). I’m making my best effort to begin that vacation feeling in my mind…no coconut rum has been utilized yet.

These photos by Yiorgos Kordakis best convey the images behind my eyes:




And lastly–a semi-amusing anecdote for all y’all:
Last Saturday, I was walking down my block on Chester Avenue (in West Philly). I will admit that I was wearing latex-ish leggings, black legwarmers, a red/black flannel shirt, fringey moccasin boots, and my decrepit Triple Five Soul parka (black turning to grey).
An aged punk couple was walking toward me. They were probably my age or a little older. The female half of the couple gave me a big fakey, mean smile. I gave her a sincere grin–I am a hippie after all–and an enthusiastic “Hi!” She turned to her companion and said, “Well, we have our first hipster sighting on the block. I guess it’s time to move.”
Maybe the leggings were to blame?

2 thoughts on “tropical iceland.

  1. sunshine supergirl. says:

    i can’t believe you’re going to portland and i won’t be there!! have tons of fun and please tell me all about your trip, okay? i miss you!!

  2. MiRK says:

    BAHAHAHAA that is funny. have fun in oregon! i’m jealous!

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