meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I mentioned it was a DOUBLE PHOTO SHOOT night, right? (The second photo session is part of a TOP SECRET project).
Well, after we uploaded our Gournal photos and made some tweaks (I am the Iphoto master), we ate some smiley fries.

And then we got down to B-I-Z. Mostly this just involved changing into outfits comprised of random dance costumes (all found on the side of the street in Fishtown on Red Letter Day 2008), mismatched shoes, and a variety of headwear. And I had to wear my flannel, because it’s practically growing into my skin.


This our dining room. Please note Greta’s fancy marabou collar.

Simon decided to join the photo.

My room. Love the creepy lesbian overtones.


In our nook, soon to be occupied by our TEE PEE (it’s a big project). Special guest appearances by Grace and Simon.
On Janelle’s bed. She says I look all-American here. I’m pretending to read a huge Hernandez Bros. compendium. Note the classy faded edges worked into this shot.
Here I find myself inspired by the Sears Portrait Studio: saturated reds, fuzzy edges, statement background. 
A totally classic moment at the ranch: lounging around in my room in dance costumes and headdresses, while reading about astrology. Note the random toadstool (for ambiance). 
Soundtrack to this session: The Raincoats, me humming random yacht rock anthems while occasionally exclaiming “I think I’ve got sequins in my gooch!” (my dance costume did not allow for undergarments. TMI?). 
P.S. If you want to see more pictures, check out my Flickr (email me if you need the link).
P.S.S. I was engaged in amateur photography all night, so there will (most likely) be no long written posts today…I promise extra-productivity this weekend.
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One thought on “meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  1. MiRK says:

    sigh. thanks for the warning.

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