strawberry daiquiri.

Last night was DOUBLE PHOTO SHOOT MAYHEM at the Ranch (that’s the palatial estate in West Philly occupied by me, Janelle, Greta, and three cats).

The first project was finding a picture for our really intellectual/thought-provoking “blog side project,” DEAR GOURNAL. This involved dressing as our alter-egos, Lee and Lynn. I wanted to get my hands on a Qdoba uniform, but alas, no luck. For some reason, I decided Lee wears a lot of clothing and accessories from American Apparel. Apparently Lynn is down with khaki slacks. And of course, we wore sunglasses to protect our real identities.

Yes, I’m drinking a wine cooler. Strawberry Daiquiri. Janelle’s parents left them in our refrigerator after Christmas (the P family knows how to party).

Janelle requested some sepia tone. I aim to please. 



In the end…this is the shot we chose. We look appropriately hard-ass.

My only disappointment: You can’t see the enormous gold bamboo heart earrings I’m wearing. Too much hair!

P.S. Soundtrack to this photo shoot: an awesome mixtape made for me by Tomm.
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