and also…

I’m working on moving frightened by bees.  to Word Press.  There’s a lot more functionality that (I think) will be useful for the readers…especially newcomers looking to follow entire threads in a chronological matter (no more reading in reverse, hopefully).    Plus, the visual shortcomings of my current jawn drive me crazy.

So I have a favor to ask:  if anyone can recommend a good book or website (or really, any resource) for CSS (fancy technological lingo), please PLEASE drop me a line.   I’m not looking for anything too crazy…mostly just font/color/photos.  

One thought on “and also…

  1. MiRK says:


    i don’t deal well with change, but you know, you gots to look out for no. 1. i’ll be stalking the shit out of your blog anyways. and maybe it’ll occupy 30 seconds more of my time out here. i can dig it.

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