oh, hey…looky here…

getting down to business.

getting down to business.

Yay!  You made it here. I know, I know…new things are scary…but you have to admit, this new jawn is a lot cleaner.  Right? Right!

Some stuff:  you can now follow specific story threads by using the “Categories” drop down box in the lower right corner.  I’ll try to specify the name of any NEW story threads as they evolve.

The Chicago/Ryan/I pretend I’m Sylvia Plath story line can be seen in its entirety by choosing the category “Peeling an Onion.”  Those of you that have been unlucky enough to hear me drone on about my book will note that this is the working title.  I decided to apply it this particular series because I feel that it is so closely entangled with the book.

Okay…well, back to work now…


One thought on “oh, hey…looky here…

  1. Miriam says:

    it toOk me a while to finally get here. but i’ve made it. i am very resistant to change, but i am diggin the new look. and, now that i am all caught up, its time for me to pack my suit case :o)

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