it’s all about the benjamins.

leaving the cat in the bag.

leaving the cat in the bag.

The handsome fellow to the left is none other than Moe $$$, the youngest resident of the ranch.

Random facts about Mr. $$$ (aka Dollar Bill, Moe-zambique, Moe- Z, Little Man):

1. If I’m a little tipsy, I’ll start sharing my belief that Moe is the reincarnation of someone I knew earlier in my life. Marlyn backs up this theory; she thinks that anyone really wanting to get my attention would choose to reborn in cat form, since humans rarely capture my interest.

2. Moe follows me from room to room when I am home. If I’m taking a shower, he’s patiently waiting on the bench in the bathroom. If I’m typing away at my desk, he’s curled up next to the computer. He’s sort of like a needy boyfriend, except

he rarely talks and he never checks my phone for incriminating text messages.

3. He is particularly skillful at removing his collar and then hiding it away in a place I will never discover.

4. His favorite album is currently The Renaissance by Q-Tip.

5. Moe receives a lot of baths. He has this tendency toward smelling unsavory (at best). He is particularly cute when wet.

Okay…that’s all for now. I promise few posts about my cat(s) in the future. I just felt an exceptional amount of love for Moe when I walked through the front door today.

appreciating nature/nibbling house plants.

appreciating nature/nibbling house plants.


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