peep this magic…

looking up.
looking up.

Look at the top of your browser window.  I bet it says “” Right? Right!

Okay, check this:  type into the little url field (or, if you’re lazy, click on the preceding link).  Now hit the enter bar.  Oh, heck…did you see that?!   You’re still at my blog! 
Whoa…magic! Well, the magic of domain ownership, at least.  That’s right…I’m now officially “”
So much easier to remember, right?
Huzzah!  Is it just me, or is 2009 already looking like an amazing year?

3 thoughts on “peep this magic…

  1. janelle says:

    congratulations! you are all pro now.

    when will i see you again? it’s been like a week. and i’m starting to get used to feeling like i live alone. so you better come home quick and make me tacos since you are such a fan.

    (according to f-book)

  2. brooke says:

    congratulations! i saw this and thought of you:

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