help wanted.

I blame my mom for this.  She ruled our household with an iron fist;  quiet time began at six pm every night.  No loud music.  No races in the hallway. And certainly no shouting matches with my annoying little brother/arch-nemesis.  

As a result, I cannot focus in the midst of noise (the reassuring hum of the trolley being the only exception).  My house is amazing, but it also has thin walls/floors/ceilings.  Voices and overall ruckus invade my room at all corners.  And when I can’t concentrate, I can’t write.  When I find myself unable to write, I begin to feel hateful.  My writer’s block intensifies with each malicious thought.  

So I’m looking for a quiet studio/writing nook somewhere in West Philly.  Essentially, I just need enough space for a desk and a chair.  One electrical outlet for my Mac Book.  Maybe a window. Access to a restroom (my bladder is the size of lima bean).

This spot could be anywhere:  a small room in a house, actual studio space, maybe even an unused walk-in closet.  But it has to be reasonably quiet.  No drunken college students.  And nothing creepy.

I will be spending 2-3 hours, five days a week in this space.  I will not be showering, sleeping, or eating there.  I’m looking for something under $200.  

Surprisingly, I have found nothing on Craigslist.

If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line:


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