I am flying back to Philly tomorrow at dawn. As if the geography gods are worried about me missing Portland too much, it’s pouring and freezing today. Sweet. So much for the multitude of outdoor amusements tentatively (but enthusiastically) planned for today.

I hate blog posts about trips that run along the lines of “First we did this and then we did that and here’s a list of names of people and places that mean nothing to you.” So here is my abbreviated (but hopefully not too boring) trip recap:

Last Saturday:  Hiked through the snow on Mt. Hood at midnight with Reyna, Zach, and Anthony. Pitch black, spooky, but beautiful. I accidentally peed all over my pants when Zach aimed a laser pointer at me while I was attempting to precariously relieve myself on a pile of snow.

Sunday:  Tomm chugged an off-brand Mt. Dew before using the blood pressure testing machine at Fred Meyer. I inspected Tristan’s lint-covered bike polo injury.  Then we watched 3.75 movies.

Monday: Bought EIGHT pairs of underwear at Macy’s. I was so excited, I thought about skipping out on thrift shopping with Tomm just so I could go home and don all of my new undergarments at one time. Drank way too much whiskey at the Aalto Lounge with Zach. I still don’t completely remember walking home at 2 am.

Tuesday:  Shopping on Hawthorne with Reyna and Alana. Acquired an acid-washed skirt AND the most amazing Stevie Nicks dress (thanks to Alana’s eagle eye).

Wednesday:  Happy hour began at 4:30, making the whole day a warm fuzzy blur. Brandon convinced us to become lesbians, listing the following arguments:

1. Lesbians get invited to the best parties.

2. Lesbians love dancing.

3. Lesbian couples share clothes=double wardrobe!

Alana and I began to concoct a plan (still in the early stages) to “marry up” by hitching ourselves to some Blazers.

Thursday:  Vegan southern night!!! Reyna and I cooked a huge delicious meal.  Everyone drank a lot of beer and played Apples to Apples.  

Friday:  First I went downtown to eat a burrito on the sidewalk with Tomm before he went to work.  He washes dishes at a fancy pants restaurant on Pioneer Square.  I met my awesome friend Robyn for drinks at a bar on Hawthorne that boasts an extensive menu of cool old-man drinks.  Blurry and tipsy, I bought a new book for the plane and then stumbled home, talking to every cat I encountered.  Then we had a “raging” party.  I wore my pajama pants for half of it, because I was feeling a little depressed and annoyed with myself.   But beer and endless games of Pictionary cheered me up.  Yep, the hipsters in Portland are really into board games.  And then we danced.  And played some more Pictionary.

Photos coming soon.

P.S.  I made a new vacation-themed mix…check it out here.


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  1. brooke says:

    yay, you’re back!

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