here we go…

This weekend I officially began my second draft of that novel I’ve been allegedly writing.   I’m really excited about this, because it the narrative evolved in a completely different direction than originally planned.   So the second draft will force me to pull everything I’ve written in the past 10 months (!) together.  This includes the “Peeling an Onion” project from here, as well as the actual draft of the novel living on my Mac Book.  I plan on finishing this before my birthday on August 10.  Less than three months from now!

 Some elements will be cut.  

Others will be expanded.  

The voice is changing slightly.

The characters are being renamed.  

But the basic story remains the same (albeit better…I hope).


Most posts for the next few months will feature this work in progress.  

I’m also going to upload a song for each chapter.  Maybe I’ve seen to many movies.  But everything in my adult life has some sort of soundtrack (blame art school, a tendency toward dating record collectors, and perhaps even that subscription to Spin that was renewed too many times).  I want to share that with you.  I even paid for the storage upgrade!   


P.S.  This new thread will be called “No Place to Fall,” taken from the Bob Dylan song “She Belongs to Me.”

She never stumbles,
She’s got no place to fall.


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